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Hamster Abu

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02:23 am: dieing message
y-yo my head hurts
I drank like  5 soda cans and this is continuing from my last journal entry where I explained that my head hurts cuz I kept hurting it and I said why, although I am sure I wouldn't of hurt my head at all if sugartastic, Nikki Renee Smith, was my girlfriend..

My head really does hurt.
I might have like tramatic brain injury or something
my brain could be bleeding

so I have to say some things, for in case I die!

akumu ankoku, I feel bad about her, she sent me so many nice drawings of us that I liked.  She never returned the games she borrowed from me, such as Super Mario 3D Land, and Star Fox 64 3D.  I feel bad about her.

Nikki Renee Smith, that's whom I truly love!!  I really, really, do!!  I'm sure that this could have been prevented if she was just my girlfriend, then I would have been too happy that she's my girlfriend to have ever bothered hurting myself.

and then, I like Nikki Renee Smith's siblings.

Doo, Nikki's sister, is REALLY, REALLY COOL!!   I really do think that she's cool and so awesome!!!  Gosh darn it!!  I want her to know how much I like her and how cool and awesome she is.

and I REALLYYYYYYYYYY LIKE Nikki Renee Smith!!  She's such an amazing person!!!!

I REALLY LOVE Nikki Renee Smith!!!

I like Akumu Ankoku, too, I feel bad about her not liking me any more.


I really like my brother and my niece, too.

I really bet that I am going to die, young.

I just want Nikki Renee Smith to know that I love her,
I want Christine Smith to know that I think she's so Cool and Awesome, and talented, Nikki is also cool and awesome and talented, as well as, well I could go on forever about Nikki~!

Anyways, I really, really don't want to die.  I wish my mom never harassed me..

also i never forget my old friends, even my ex-girlfriends are friends I wish I had, I'm not obsessed over them like I used to when they first broke up with me, but I do have a lot of memories of everyone I know from the past, like uhmmm vicky (IM NOT OBSESSED, but I do remember the times I met her, and a lot of it, too, and conversations she had with me, I have a lot of them in my memories,) merica (I like how she USED to admire me, that's what finally got me over Vicky a bit in the first place,) Nora, Akumu, Jen, Qzxyntop, and I'm sure I just mentally scarred some of those people somehow, cuz they don't seem to like me at all any more, but snap.

I really love Nikki.
I don't want to die..  but my head hurts, I could have a bleeding brain.
I really love Nikki

god and if I die, I really hope people PLAY TEH games I made on my computer
I'm talkin
Pokequest 2 on RPG Maker 95 that I made in elementary school, Rita's Adventure on RPG Maker 2003, Pokequest 2 the remake in RPG Maker 2003, Abu Land the web browser game you have to google to play that I made in Stencyl, Ham Ham Rivals my online multiplayer game I started up in 2002 and have been massively updating for years, and I forget what the heck else there is.

if anyone wants to pick up my Hamster Rivals series idea, that would be Great, but I'm not sure if that would happen, I'm just saying that I've been having that Hamster Rivals idea in my head since 2002, where its my Ham Ham Rivals idea except instead of having hamtaro and boss and bijou from hamtaro in it, it just has original characters replacing them, I'd explain it more but aaaaaaa

yo I really love Nikki
and her siblings
and I like akumu but she doesnt care about me at all now
and I like my brother and my niece
the person I'm most comfortable around is my mom, but ironically, she's the one that always harasses me.
I don't even know what to say about Sauce, the guy from Georgia that's been my best online friend since 2004, except he's another person I'm really comfortable talking to about anything, and that he's a jerk.  but at least it was fun playing games with him, like SNES games online with him, and random free RPG games and such.  what a jerk tho, but, at least he always just wanted me to improve.
I wish I could meet Nikki, I wish I could live with Nicole (Nikki, that is,) and I also wish I got to hang out with Sauce.

I wish the people in the place I live in knew about the COOL STUFF.
Space Dandy, Kill la Kill, Gurren Lagann, One Piece, E3, NeoGAF, and The Weeabootique team fortress 2 server where I like to hang out online.

also I still do like watching Bleach, up to the end of the Soul Society arc, and then also the Fullbringer arc, even tho my brother's girlfriend said she saw the first episode and she f-wording hates it, but yea.

anyways, I think I am going to die.  I'll go ahead with the habit I have of repeating myself.
I love Nikki,
I also like the people I talked about,
I wanted to see through with my Hamster Rivals series idea, but I never had a girlfriend or a true friend besides Sauce to push me to do it.
I really love Nikki.
I Really Fucking Hate living at my parents house where brother's girl calls me scum and such
it relaly Fuckign Sucks and I wish I got to move out before I fucking died which would have been prevented if I moved out, or if sugartastic (Nikki Renee Smith) was my girlfriend, but o fuckin well
see you
space dandy
i mean space cowboy
pls play my games
and my hamster rivals idea would've been cool, it also parodies a bunch of anime and games and cartoons, if I ever animated my Hamster Rivals cartoon series I always wanted to make, or made it a video game, or a book, or a comic, whatever.

I love the people that I mentioned,
ok bye


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Date:February 7th, 2015 05:19 am (UTC)


Perhaps you do have people that care about you, but you end up pushing them away?

Anyway, Daniel wants to play Rita's Quest and PokeQuest remakes (I told him about them) but RPG maker is down :(

So he will have to wait! :3
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